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from renewable energy sources

Hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, is an energy carrier that will play a key role in achieving European decarbonisation targets.

It can already be used in industries, heating systems and transport to replace fossil fuels.

It can be retained for use as an energy storage system and easily converted into electric power in fuel cells.

It can be transported in existing gas pipelines mixed with methane or in dedicated piping.

Its production requires only water and renewable energy. In addition, at the end of all its various uses, it does not emit carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions, but only water.



Under our feet lies an inexhaustible source of energy: it is the heat produced by the natural nuclear decay of the elements that make up the deepest layers of the earth.

The in-depth produced heat reaches the most superficial layers of the earth’s crust. The rocks at very high temperatures continuously heat the water contained in natural reservoirs and cracks.

In particular geographical areas, some geological anomalies make geothermal fluids available at a depth significantly lower than average, allowing them to be used to generate electricity and heat.

Geothermal energy is a continuous, programmable source that is not dependent on weather conditions, such as solar and wind power.

The complete reinjection of geothermal fluids collected into geothermal reservoirs, where they are heated again by rocks at high temperatures, also makes it a renewable source that does not involve any environmental impact in the process of use.

Green Hydrogen



Thanks to the experience acquired in the design of Green Hydrogen and energy production plants from renewable sources, we have developed a plant model able to guarantee the production of electric power, heat, hydrogen and other by-products, integrating geothermal production with other renewable sources with the following advantages:

  • Limited plant area: 10,000 square meters of free space are required during construction, reduced to 2000 square meters during operation.
  • Low plant cost: the continuous production guaranteed by the geothermal source allows to significantly reduce the power of the hydrogen production section with a consequent reduction in plant costs
  • Short construction times: the plant can be started up in successive steps with an increasing production of hydrogen
  • Modularity and scalability: the plant can be expanded over time to adapt to the increase in energy and hydrogen needs.


Multi-utilities, ESCO, Local Public Transport Management Companies, Transport and logistics companies, and Local Administrations that want to be protagonists of the energy transition.

We believe energy should be produced where it is used to reduce transport costs and losses.

Using our small-scale plants, we are able to provide our customers with energy self-sufficiency, by providing them, after the amortization of the plant cost, with (hot or cold) thermal energy and hydrogen. As a result, all this can be used for transportation without incurring any energy purchase costs, as well as without emitting any carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases.